Fly fishing Videos from Youtube, covering everything from knots to fly fishing tactics. Feel free to post a comment / question for any video.

How to attach backing to the fly line

Using the Albright Knot - If you are setting up your own tackle, attach the backing to your fly reel, any old knot will do, because if a fish ever runs you out of backing you are b******d anyway, then attach the backing to your fly line using an Albright knot. See this video, its easy.

Attach a braided loop to your fly line

Attach a braided loop to your fly line, again really easy. The leader (about 10 feet) is then tied to this and the fly tied to the end of the leader using a half tucked blood knot, see following video.

The only knot you really need to know in fly fishing

The tucked half blood knot - Use this easy knot to attach the leader to the braided loop, and for tying flies onto the leader.

Tie on droppers with the three turn water knot

The three turn water knot - You can easily attach droppers to your leader using this very easy knot, its basically a granny knot!

Fishing two or three flies, especially a team of buzzers can be very effective, and you have more chance of hooking those larger more fussy trout.

how to gut / clean a trout

How to gut / clean a Trout - If you are planning on taking fish for the table you will need to gut / clean them first. This is a very easy and mess free process.

In this video the host talks about filleting the fish afterwards, if you are going to fillet the fish there is no need to gut them first, (see next video)

how to fillet a trout

How to fillet a Trout - Filleting a Trout means you do not have to gut it first, this video shows you how its done. You will need a very sharp filleting knife, dont try it with a normal kitchen knife or you will cut all your fingers off!

A cracking Rainbow trout from Elinor trout fishery

Elinor Trout Fishery - Nice fish, but the guy was lucky not to loose it as he tried to net it way to early. Also think he may be a bit OCD cleaning everything (net, Scales, towel! its only a trout)

A 16lb Rainbow from Elinor

Elinor Trout Fishery - Cracking trout but very lucky to get it in the boat due to a net failure.

More action from Elinor Trout Fishery

A nice 14lb Rainbow!

How to fly fish fish buzzers for trout

Buzzers are imitating midges and are deadly when fly fishing for trout, another great fly fishing video from the totally awesome fishing show